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  1. Just accepted a position in AZ. I sit for the PANCE at the beginning of January. For those recently licensed in the state, how long did it take for you to be licensed? The FAQs say that the process takes months? Is this accurate? Thanks!
  2. Thanks, I appreciate it. Academic centers are definitely on my list.
  3. Throughout my clinical year, I have been bitten by the critical care bug, and have become obsessed with the prospect of beginning my PA career in this field. I have had numerous elective rotations that have allowed me to work in a variety of critical care settings both as a primary ( CCM, CCS in academic medical centers, CCM in a non-academic setting) as well as inpatient consult services (Nephrology and Cardiology in CVICU and MICU) and by the time that I graduate I will have close to a thousand hours of critical care experience. While I understand that many recommend completing a residency in critical care as a new grad, this is not really a feasible option for me at this time. In starting my job search, it seems that there are limited options for new graduates in this field. I have currently expanded my job search to the entire western half of the US, but the job prospects seem paltry in critical care right now. How does someone like myself go about breaking into CCM? Do I need to spend years working in another field such as hospital medicine to get a start or is there some secret that I don't know about to land a CCM job? I am currently in school far from anywhere I would want to live and cannot rely on the traditional networking through my preceptors as their networks have all been in the same region I attend school.
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