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  1. Just gave up my seat to attend another program. Hope this helps someone out!
  2. Just paid my final deposit! I know the Facebook group is not going to be created until February, but if anyone is looking for a roommate and wants to live at Coventry Park, shoot me a message.
  3. I interviewed 08/28 and have not yet heard anything (with exception of CASPer stuff) - does this mean I'm out of the running?
  4. Does anyone remember Kandee talking about the apartment fair the school has? I want to start looking at places since I'm coming from far away
  5. As long as it's not past the deadline, you can still apply. However, since it is rolling, the longer you wait, the less of a chance you have of being admitted.
  6. Interviewed 09/19 accepted 9/26 so excited!!! Good luck to everyone!
  7. I have not heard anything yet either. I am thinking we are probably on some kind of waiting list.
  8. Got an interview invitation today! September 19th! Can't wait!
  9. I submitted by application 05/18, and got the initial email it was received on 05/29. I have not heard anything since this. Should I be concerned given I have yet to receive the email that my app has been forwarded for a second review?
  10. Hey everyone! Figured I would start this thread for this cycle! CASPA sent: 5/18 CASPA verified: 5/21 Stanford received my application: 6/13 Good luck this cycle everyone!
  11. Hey everyone! I am having trouble deciding on who to ask for a letter of recommendation professor-wise. I graduated from my undergrad 2 years ago and have not had contact with any professor from my school. I have, however, retaken chemistry at community college from professors which whom I have seen more recently and have a closer relationship. Would it be better to ask for a letter from a professor at my undergrad school who I have not seen in 2 years? Or would it be better to ask a CC professor who I have a closer relationship with? I appreciate any input!
  12. Hey everyone! I retook the GRE recently. I am not the best standardized test taker, so I took it again to try to improve my verbal score. The problem is, however, my verbal score went up a little bit, but my writing and math scores both went down. Would it be better to send the one with the reading score improved? Or the one with the reading score fairly low compared to the math and the writing? Or does it not make a difference? I appreciate any input! Attempt 1: verbal: 148 math: 155 writing: 5 Attempt 2: verbal: 150 math: 152 writing: 4.5
  13. Thanks for the advice! I will be sure to get on that application right away! Also - is it possible to submit supplemental application materials prior to having all of your transcripts in?
  14. Thank you so much everyone! As of now, I am currently taking my second semester of biology (one last prerequisite I needed for some schools) and then I plan on submitting the application once that grade is in - around mid May. I have also re-written my personal statement, and am in the process of editing it. Fingers crossed I will get at least an interview this cycle!
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