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  1. Thank you for responding. I'm in the upper midwest, and I'm unfortunately tied down to this area. I agree, two years seems like a long time and that is making me second guess the offer. I originally asked for a higher salary due to the fact that I would essentially be an independent provider with some support from the physician, but they were adamant that with my limited experience of about 4-5 months, they are unable to go any higher. I was thinking about sending them the AAPA salary report, but I don't think that would help. There is a 403b match. As far as the bonus goes, 5,000
  2. Hi everyone, I’ve been working part time at a behavioral health clinic for the last 4 months and have been applying to other jobs. I received this offer from a hospital based outpatient psych clinic and would like some input. Initially the offer was a salary of 89k with a good benefits package of -1500 CME , 1 week CME PTO -28 days of PTO -Paid holidays and weekends off with momthly 1/2 day Saturday clinic - health, vision and dental insurance -malpractice -no contract, just a formal offer letter They gave me two days to decid
  3. Hi, Just wanted to get some insight on this offer in Midwest with a single doc owned private practice in Pulmonary medicine. Alternating between 1 week of clinic and 1 week of inpatient pulmonary consults and 1 weekend per month. Can anyone shed light on the incentive bonus? -Base salary: 85,000 Incentive bonus at 75% of net income (net collection- overhead (50%) Additional Weekend coverage with extra pay of $600/weekend -Paid vacation time: 2 weeks -CME: $1800 -Health Insurance: Blue Cross with HSA (tax deductible for a single at $6,
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