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  1. I interviewed on Nov. 14 and I received a letter saying I am on the alternate list, but I will most likely withdraw my application.
  2. I received an interview invite off the waitlist yesterday. The interview invite is for February 15-16
  3. I also gave up my seat for a different program. I wish the best for all those still waiting.
  4. I received a letter in the mail that I was placed on the alternate list.
  5. Just got my acceptance call! I interviewed on the 31st
  6. Yes I did. I wonder how many people are on it.
  7. So there are am and pm sessions available every Tuesday starting October 31, and I think there is one day where it is offered on a Monday. There was a total of four dates and eight times (am or pm) to choose from.
  8. Did anyone receive a formal rejection? Because I have not heard back for an interview but I also haven't received a rejection letter so I'm not really sure where my application stands.
  9. I received an invite to interview over email today!
  10. Did you receive the invite over email or in the mail?
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