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  1. There is a Facebook group made for those accepted! It's called "Arcadia University PA Class of 2020". It isn't specific to which campus though, so we will probably have to make posts about that!
  2. Hi! I am currently in the process of trying to pick the right program for me in the Philadelphia area. There are many things I love about each of these three programs (DeSales, Arcadia, and TJU). I am looking for any current students, or really anyone, that has insight on any of these programs so I can really determine the best fit for me!
  3. Is there a Facebook page created yet for accepted students?
  4. I was accepted!!! SO excited, interviewed 8/23!
  5. No they were not! You just work on them when you get there and have time throughout while people are interviewing and even after your interview if you need!
  6. Accepted!! I interviewed July 25th pm session as well!
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