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  1. Withdrew from interviewing as I have already been accepted elsewhere. Hopefully this opens a spot for someone :) Good luck!
  2. Hey, you can DM me if you have any specific questions, I will be glad to answer them! But if you do get an interview, really just be yourself! They keep the interview very conversational so the stress is very low thankfully :)
  3. Of course! June 8th: Caspa verified June 15th: Received application July 10th: Supplemental application email received and completed both applications that day July 14th: Towson University application process notification email received and the status of both requirements said "received" so no outstanding items. July 25th: Phone call to schedule interview Hope this helps everyone :D
  4. Just received a phone call to interview on August 30th at 8am! Anyone else joining me?
  5. Has anyone who completed the supplemental application received a phone call for an interview yet?
  6. Awesome, thank you for your comment! Another question would be do you think it will be tougher for me to continue with the process considering I am from Maryland, and not Ohio? I know they prefer Ohio residents, but do you have any in your class from out of state?
  7. Hello! Congrats on almost being done! Quick question, how do you feel about the PA program at Ohio University overall and your time there? Thanks!
  8. Interviewing July 27th! So excited to meet everyone! Good luck!!!
  9. Hello everyone! I received my supplemental email on 7/10 and finished it the same day. Now eagerly waiting for that interview call! From the previous years thread, it seems like those who receive the supplemental email will receive an interview :)
  10. Thank you for the response! Was very helpful, and I was wondering the same thing as to, if accepted, how I would be able to spend some time exercising while primarily focusing on my studies. Another question I have is pertaining to the interview process. What is the environment like in regards to the personalities of the interviewers and questions, and any helpful tips to prepare? Thanks!
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