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  1. Two of the first year PA students I spoke to during my interview told me she didn't hear back for an acceptance till February, while another person heard back a week later. I think it's totally random on when they accept applicants. Be patient as much as possible and stay positive!
  2. Turning down my interview offer because I got into my top choice! Hopefully someone will take my place. Good luck everyone! You got this!
  3. Just got rejected, but it's okay got into my top choice :) Good luck everyone, you all got this!?
  4. I read on previous forums it was one on one, but I'm not sure. Btw, I'm arriving to LA pretty early tomorrow from SF and will be close to campus. If anyone wants to meet up earlier let me know! ?
  5. Do you guys know how many are interviewing per interview session?
  6. Yes Lets meet at Old Soul @ 40 Acres Park? 7pm on the 17th Yes! That sounds good
  7. I haven’t looked into anything yet but I think we should make a group chat so we can all look into ideas?
  8. I’d love to meet up with some of you guys the day before the interview? I’m from the Bay Area so it’s not too far away. I interview 10/18
  9. When were you verified? And were there other dates to pick? October 8th is very soon
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