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  1. I don’t! They just ask us if any of us would want to help interview and that’s about it haha
  2. Hi I’m a current student and will be interviewing some of you guys on the 11th! We still have spots open
  3. So far so good! You can tell the professors are trying to make everything as smooth as possible for us. It’s a learning process for both of us!
  4. Im a current student and will be helping with the interviews on october 2nd. Cant wait to meet you guys!
  5. Hi guys I just started at Gannon’s program today actually. One of the professors told us to get on here and let everyone know it will only be 30 seats each year! Apparently it’s been a common rumor in all of the interviews so far
  6. I just got accepted but gave up my spot! Hope someone gets that phonecall today
  7. desi has to add you! I was the same way with apartments/roommates etc. lol it will come in an email from her
  8. One of my friends got accepted today so def keep an eye out
  9. Just got the probation letter! Shocked because the students at our interview assured us they we’re more than fine. Makes me curious what happened
  10. I was told in my interview in March that final decisions will be made in May! And our Facebook group has 22 people (not sure if that includes the two admins or not)
  11. Someone just reached out to me and the last interview date is April 30th!
  12. I was waitlisted as well! But I will be attending another program in Florida. Goodluck everyone
  13. Yes! I think they literally got their preliminary results the day I got my phone call. So hopefully an official announcement soon
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