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  1. Nope lol have a feeling they’ll send everything at the last minute today
  2. marissajanel

    Gannon University: Ruskin FL

    Thank you so so much!! I’m beyond excited for this interview!!
  3. marissajanel

    Gannon University: Ruskin FL

    Lol I feel dumb now!! But March 7th, any tips? I'm excited and I wish you the best!!
  4. marissajanel

    Gannon University: Ruskin FL

    Ironically just got an interview!!
  5. marissajanel

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Has anyone been pulled from the waitlist yet?
  6. marissajanel

    Gannon University: Ruskin FL

    Any interview invites recently? I cant get ahold of them via email or phone call so I'm becoming frustrated! Lol
  7. Has anyone heard anything? I know they have to notify us by Friday so I'm curious if they'll just send the interviews out then!
  8. marissajanel

    Gannon University 2018-2019

    Both! Desi had an automated email that she was out of the office last week. No answer or reply so far haha
  9. marissajanel

    Gannon University 2018-2019

    Has anyone been in contact with them? Its been strangely quiet and I cant even reach anyone by phone.
  10. marissajanel

    Gannon University: Ruskin FL

    I figured! Just seeing if anyone else has been in contact
  11. marissajanel

    Georgia: Atlanta South College

    I got confirmation today that they have everything of mine! That’s about it
  12. Hey question for ya! Are they accredited or on probation? I only saw the update from 2017 on the website and don't want to go into the interview completely blindsided!
  13. I'm interviewing as well March 12th! 11:45 session so also wondering how the set up will be
  14. marissajanel

    2018-2019 APPLICANTS

    Interviewing March 12th!! If anyone has flight tips let me know. Coming from Ohio
  15. marissajanel

    Georgia: Atlanta South College

    I applied last minute yesterday. Whats the timeline you guys heard back?

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