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  1. PAgirl20

    2018-2019 Applicants

    I actually just found out I got into my top choice so I’ll be declining my invite. I hope that opens up a spot for someone else!! Overall GPA: 3.8 science GPA: 3.7 GRE: 157 V 155 Q 4.5 writing 800 ish hours of back office medical assistant/ operating room experience at a plastic surgery office 800 ish hours of front desk work and 150 hours of hospital volunteering LOR’s from PA I shadowed, MD, and RN I work with Best of luck to you all! My friends sister went to harding and absolutely loved it!
  2. Also accepted!! This feels like a dream!!
  3. PAgirl20

    2018-2019 Applicants

    I did on 9/5!
  4. PAgirl20

    2018-2019 Application cycle

    Can anyone who has already interviewed give me some insight as to around what time the day ends? I know the email said 2:30 but I saw in years past some people got out around 1. I have a flight out at 4:10 which I now realize might be cutting it a little close!
  5. I received an interview for 9/15 but I've already committed to interviewing elsewhere that day- should I call them and give them this reason when I ask for an october date? or would they look down on this?
  6. Did you guys receive another "application under review" email after the email with you login info? The last email I received was with my login info and I just want to make sure my application isn't missing something
  7. Also attending the morning session on 9/15! submitted 6/22 and verified 6/27
  8. PAgirl20

    2018-2019 Application cycle

    Received an interview invite but I’m not able to make any of the August dates due to work. Does anyone know how often they open up new interview dates? And will they email us when new dates become available?
  9. PAgirl20

    PA Student AMA

    What has been your favorite rotation and why?
  10. I have 1 C (organic chemistry 1) but I got an A in organic chemistry 2...I thought the upward trend would make up for it and I'm graduating in May so I really don't want to re-take it if I don't need to :/
  11. Is it true that UNT does not accept students with a single C on their transcript? I was browsing another forum and someone who attended one of their online information sessions said she was told this.

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