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  1. The plan is to if I get my Paramedic, it would be after my undergrad. Should I be concerned if I apply to PA school say a year after I get my paramedic cert? It would be an extra 1-2 years on top of if I would take the classes at the college, but it could help boost my GPA and give me valuable experience. I was thinking doing 1-2 years basic, one year as a paramedic and then apply to PA school.
  2. I am currently a junior, undergrad GPA of 3.3, sGPA 3.1. I just finished earning my EMT certification this past month and will start time on the trucks after my finals are over. However, my Biochemistry major does not include A&P or microbiology. It would take time during the summer to complete both those courses at a community college, but the community college offers a Paramedic certificate that includes A&P. It’s three semesters and I would finish Summer 2020. Would it be worth it to complete the certificate as a fall back plan, or just complete the credits at the college over one summer? Any advice would help.
  3. Going to SRU as an undergrad right now, hoping to make it one of my top schools. It is a very nice campus with faculty who care for you.
  4. I am currently going into my junior year of undergrad, going for my BS in Chemistry-ACS Certified with a concentration in Biochemistry. My current cGPA is 3.2 and my sGPA is a 3.1. I am obviously hoping to get my GPA up before undergrad is completed. This fall I will be going to get my EMT certification. I plan on working full time during the summer with 12-hr shifts on the weekends during the school year. I was thinking of taking a year off after undergrad to accumulate more hours to stand out more due to a low GPA. My question is how much does PA schools value volunteer hours? My twin brother is Safety Management Major who would be a way better PA school applicant than me 3.9 GPA and 750+ hrs as an EMT before junior year of undergrad. He is also a volunteer firefighter and has certifications in HAZMAT and Firefighter I. He found a live in program by our school that pays for his room and board for 24 hrs a week volunteer to the department, 2 shifts as a firefighter, 1 as an EMT. If I would become a volunteer firefighter, get my certifications, and do the live in program my senior year, how well would that stand out in the application?
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