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  1. Undergrad Ed School: Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.4 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.1 Dual major in Biology & Spanish  Age at application time : 24  1st GRE: 307, 4.0 2nd GRE: 311, 4.5 Direct Patient Care : approx, 3,500 hours. I worked as an ECG Technician for 3 years, and as a CNA in a nursing home a year before that. Extracurricular/Research Activities: I logged around 400 volunteer hours at the local hospital, a therapeutic horse riding center, Girls on the Run, camp counseling, & a trip to the Dominican Republic. I volunteered throughout my undergrad career and have a lot of great stories and memories from it! Shadowing: 40 hours First time applicant.  Schools Applied: 18. OHSU, University of Washington, Wake Forest, University of St Francis, Concordia, Augsburg, Idaho State, Touro Nevada, Touro California, Salus, Rosalind Franklin, Pacific, Rocky Mountain University, Rocky Mountain College, University of Utah, University of New England, Western Michigan, Western University CA. (super expensive!) Application Submitted Date: May 22 2018 Interview Invites: OHSU, Idaho State, Touro Nevada, Touro California, Wake Forest (didn’t attend), Rocky Mountain University (didn’t attend) Withdrew application: Rocky Mountain College, Western Michigan, Concordia Denied: UW, St Francis, Augsburg, Salus, Rosalind Franklin, Pacific, OHSU (after interview), Utah, New England, Western University  Waitlisted: Touro Nevada Accepted: Touro California, Idaho State Attending: Idaho State!!!! Low GPA success story! GPA isn’t everything. I didn’t know what a PA was until my junior year of undergrad. I decided I wanted to start on this journey my senior year... and I felt like I had little to no chance. It seemed like everyone knew this was their path going into undergrad, and that they had beyond stellar GPAs. I was pretty apprehensive about my chances. After graduating, my GPA was definitely not competitive (still wasn’t really when I applied!) so I took two years off, worked as many hours as possible, volunteered, shadowed PA’s, and re-took several courses at my local community college. To be honest, it was an exhausting time. But worth it!! During the application process, I think the only reason why schools were interested in me was the fact that I worked insanely hard on my personal statement (start early!!!) and had several different people, PAs included, edit it. I showed genuine examples of times in my life where I wanted to be able to do more to help (as a physician assistant). After I cast my wide net in applying, the rejection letters started rolling in. The first rejection letter was the only “safety” school I applied to, and my spirits were crushed. However, after an eternity of email-refreshing and dandelion wishes, I had a couple of interviews. (Even at my top two dream schools!!) & The feeling of getting accepted into one is beyond words. If becoming a PA is what you want to do, then you can definitely do it!! Not all journeys are the same. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about mine! Best of luck everybody!!!!
  2. Hey there, I don’t want to give away any specific questions on account of professionalism and in order be fair to everyone else.... but i think it would never hurt to know the answer to that question if you’re interviewing to be a PA!
  3. Hi there! It took a little less than two weeks for me to get the call to schedule. They let you pick a date, and that will determine which campus you interview at, then you fill out a campus preference form. They said you can fill that out after you interview too if that is what you prefer! & the interview was by far the most relaxed I’ve had, so try not to be nervous (easier said than done!) my tip is to attend the campus tour beforehand, and to drive to the place beforehand (if you’re interviewing at Meridian, the location is at the back and my Uber driver had a real tough time finding it). Also, just the classic things to have in your pocket: why you are awesome, why ISU, why PA, all that jazz. good luck!!
  4. Interviewed 10/15, just got a rejection email. Can’t say I’m surprised in the least, every person I met at the interview was insanely qualified, impressive, and more deserving of a seat. Good luck to everyone waiting to hear back, and those who have been accepted.... sincerely, congratulations!
  5. The interview day was very organized and helped to calm the nerves. You are welcomed by a kosher breakfast and coffee while they go through introductions of staff and interviewees. The interview itself is broken up into several sections: MMI, group, and two writing portions (one is called the "individual interview"). Most of the interviewers had already read my application and some made references to it, so not blind for the most part. Our student guide only sat in on the group interview. My advice is to try to relax as much as possible, and go into the interview with several reasons in mind about why you would make a stellar PA. Research public health concepts beforehand, after all, you'll be getting an MPH too! Make sure to make good eye contact, smile, shake hands, all that good stuff. I actually really enjoyed the MMIs for this school, and they were kind of fun! It made me much less nervous and it helped to make me act like a human being, not a robot, haha. Everybody there was super kind and welcoming, and the lunch was great too! I had a great experience and I'm sure you both will too. Good luck, and have fun!
  6. I'm honestly not sure, sorry. The only thing I'm pulling this info from is that I just looked back on old forums and other people posted saying the score they ended up accepting, so it may not even be viable info! Ann would be a much better resource haha.
  7. I will be turning down my acceptance offer to this program, solely based on the fact that I was accepted to a two-year program that is much less pricey... ? Good luck to everyone else who will be attending this program or interviewing later! I was SUPER impressed by everything about Touro Cali, everyone was so kind and the mission of the program is clearly being lived out by each of the students and faculty. I had such a great time meeting everyone at the interview, and I am convinced you will all do great things!
  8. The first email I got said they are planning on interviewing until the end of February!
  9. Hey there, looking on past forums, it looks like they went down to around 9.7 so I'd think you should definitely have a chance. I'd reccommend contacting Ann about it.... I feel like ISU is great about being transparent with things like this. Good luck to you!
  10. Will be turning down my interview slot for Nov 5. Hopefully that gives someone else the opportunity to interview!!
  11. So sorry to hear that, I know how hard you worked for this. It was a pleasure meeting you at the interview and you will make such a great PA someday. Hang in there.
  12. Just got waitlisted, but will be emailing Dr Tobin to remove me from the list. Interviewed all the way back on 8/21. Wishing you all the best! edit: this was my first interview, and after a few others, I realized that I wasn't super impressed by this one. willing to share with anyone who could benefit from my experience. ?
  13. Accepted!! I barely snuck by the cutoff with a file score of 10.11 after the interview. (5.11+4+1) The mission survey point definitely helped. I can’t wait to meet you guys!!!!! I chose Pocatello!
  14. Made a difficult decision this morning and turned down my invitation to interview at this program. Hope that opens a slot for someone else! Good luck to you all!
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