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  1. As of right now there's 24 people in the accepted students FB group and they said they plan on accepting 40 for the incoming class so I imagine they are still interviewing right now, it seems like they are only doing virtual interviews though
  2. Congrats! So they had the accreditation meeting already and they are just waiting on results? also here’s the link to the Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/groups/628484974362032/?ref=share
  3. They said all of the interviews would take place in march and they would send out decisions in april
  4. I think it went well! There were two 1 on 1 faculty interviews and a group activity that was kinda like a scavenger hunt which was pretty cool. The interviews were very thorough, about 15-20 mins, which in my opinion is a good thing. Some of the other interviews i've had were like 5-10 minutes and they asked really basic questions and it felt like it wasn't enough for them to make a decision off of. Definitely be prepared to talk about your strengths and what you learned from your experiences, i feel like that was the overall theme for most of the questions they had. Other then that just relax
  5. Totally forgot we needed to bring that until I saw this LOL thanks for the reminder! I never really understood what a CV was but i'm just going to bring an updated resume and hope thats enough lol
  6. There's two prompts that each consist of 2 questions, and you get 20 mins for each one. They're usually either ethical type questions or about what qualities you think a PA should possess, pros/cons of working in healthcare, etc.
  7. Just got accepted from the waitlist today!!! So so so excited and can't wait to meet everyone!
  8. It starts with a writing prompt with 2 or 3 questions for the first half hour or so, and then an info session. After that there's a few stations you rotate through for a group interview and 3 individual ones. At the end there's an optional tour as well. It was pretty easygoing, good luck!
  9. Thanks so much! I think I sent it out in mid November, I remember reading on their site that they don’t start interviews until after the deadline 3/1, so my interview is 3/2 and then there’s a bunch more March interview dates after that. Hope you hear back soon!
  10. Hi! I made a thread for the current application cycle if anyone wants to share interview info and get to know each other!
  11. Hi everyone! Figured I would start a thread for the current application cycle- I was just notified by email that I was invited to interview some time in mid-late March! Has anyone else heard back yet? I grew up a few towns over from Morristown and went to visit for an open house last month, it seems like a great program in a great town
  12. I heard this from someone else too, what exactly is a letter of intent?
  13. So I've had three interviews so far (Arcadia, Temple, USciences) and got waitlisted for all three of them. I felt like all of them went well, but I can't help but wonder if I'm falling short somewhere. Anyone have any good interview tips to help you stand out? I have two more coming up at Seton Hall and College of St. Elizabeth!
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