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  1. Is anyone going to ID week?
  2. Where is there an ID PA fellowship? I absolutely think that would be beneficial.
  3. Being so new to the field is definitely overwhelming. I am planning to go to this course in the Spring in Boston. It is long and extensive, but will be great to see a little bit of everything. https://id.hmscme.com
  4. Well, we got a sub-heading so we might as well use it! Any other PAs out there in ID? Would love to hear how your practice operates. Not sure there are too many of us out there!
  5. What about attending a conference specific to the field you work in? Sometimes sitting in a classroom with others as excited as you (and others willing to learn) is refreshing! I have many times I feel similar, but then I attend a lecture or read an article or something and am re-energized, mostly because I love the field I am working in. I am 1.5 years in, but considered leaving my job (but not the career!) because I felt similar and no one I worked with wanted to train or teach me. Luckily, one of the docs took a special interest in my education and now I don't dread going to work. Maybe you
  6. Also an ID PA, only specialty I wanted to work in so I moved to a large hospital where we have 5 PAs in ID (+1 NP). I do Orthopedic Infectious Diseases specifically and love it!
  7. I absolutely would not choose my PA school again based on the abyssmal rotations that were set up after they boasted how great their rotations were due to being located in a big city. I am absolutely playing with a large handicap since I never had an internal medicine rotation. Mine was in a cardiology practice where I watched caths half the time. I wish I would have understood the importance of rotation assignments prior to attending PA school.
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