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  1. There’s only 5 people in the Facebook group so far. We haven’t been able to get the word out other than here. Good luck!
  2. I just made a Facebook group! “Cumberlands NKY PA class of 2022”
  3. When I try to register for an account, it says my information doesn't match up but I called her and it all matched their records so she said she'd have IT fix that for me too. Also, do any of you that have been accepted want to start a Facebook group or GroupMe? I'm ready to start meeting people!
  4. I'm also having trouble paying my deposit. I've emailed Ms. Powers and she sent me a new link, but with it you have to make a Cumberlands email and it won't let me make one because it says the information I provided doesn't match their records.
  5. Does anyone know where we can find our student ID numbers? I'm trying to fill out the packet but it won't let me submit it without a number and for some reason, there is an error message when I try to make my payment.
  6. I have also been accepted!!! Congrats everyone!
  7. No, I think they’ll be sending an email by the end of the week. They just had their last interview session yesterday morning so I’m not sure if they’ve met to discuss yet.
  8. Does anyone know how the interview will be formatted (MMI, group interview, etc)?
  9. Hello everyone, I am retaking the GRE on Friday. The first time I took it, I simply wanted to see how well I'd do without studying. My scores were: 149 V/150 Q/4.5 AW. Not great, but not horrible either considering I had never even seen the formatting of the exam. Since then, I have taken: ETS PowerPrep I: 150 V/150 Q (Skipped AW, taken at the beginning of my studying) ETS PowerPrep II: 152 V/159 Q (Skipped AW, taken yesterday) Manhattan Free Practice Exam: 156 V/157 Q (Skipped AW, taken today). My goal is a 305. How do these exams compare to the real thing? (I remember nothing from the real GRE, it was months ago). Do you think my chances of scoring a 305+ are good?
  10. Are any accepted students willing to share their stats for this program?
  11. I was wanting to apply here this upcoming cycle, I was just wondering if anyone that has been accepted was willing to share their stats?
  12. Mine still says applied! I submitted my application on 11/16/18 for everyone that’s still waiting to hear back from them by the way.
  13. I’m so sorry! I received an email on 03/20/19 that I got an interview for 05/09/19. Does anyone know how many people they typically interview at Williamsburg per date? I know NKY might be different but I figured they’d keep it similar due to the same class size.
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