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  1. Same, I was only.able to do 1 stint with a PA who used to be my anatomy professor but he hasn't been able to since and everywhere I look at my hospital is NP or MD heavy, so I have hours in those as shadowing but it's not the same. I'm planning on taking it at Santa Barbara City College. It's online and professor is rated really good so an A is deff attainable. It's under HIT 201
  2. That's really good I wanted to do EMT too honestly but never was able to.get into my college for it before it always got filled up. You can pull 24hr shifts which is nice cause you'll get your hours quick. You already found a PA to shadow? I'm looking to take it online, just trying to find the right school that offers it cause the ones I've seen people didn't have the best experience with how they were ran.
  3. Yeah man I was actually really surprised they were understanding about it. But I guess we're just our biggest critics. Applying next cycle 2018 if I'm able to get the classes I need complete by winter at least to look more competitive (pharm, genetics).What about you?
  4. Man honestly same, but mines was more just ignorance and not going to class so that's going to be fun explaining. However I'm starting to notice schools are understanding in that situation, I mean we're human we all took different roads to get here, and as long as the rest of the app is on point we're good. Schools I asked were West coast schools, all in So Cal, Utah and then I asked Baldwin University in Ohio. All pretty much gave me the same response, either it won't matter or just explain it briefly in supplemental application and shouldn't have a problem getting an interview if
  5. So I emailed a few schools about it and all pretty much said as long as my gpa stays high and I have my PCE, shadowing, volunteering my app would be competitive with or without the W's. One said I'd be given the chance to talk about why I got the W's in the supplemental app but said shouldn't worry about it. So good luck! Looks like we'll be ok
  6. Man it sucks how our past haunts us.. I really hope it goes great for you, a few mishaps shouldn't define us
  7. Okay thank you. You're absolutely right when you put it that way. I'll address the programs I am interested in, hopefully GPA and PCE offsets everything. Thanks again :)
  8. Hey guys I just wanted to get an overall opinion on what chances I have for admissions considering W's I have from 3 years ago. Stats: BA in Child Development cGPA:3.77 sGPA: 3.61 PCE as CNA: 2500 hrs Now, the W's I have 4. 2 of them are in prerequisites. One being anatomy and the other chem 101. I retook anatomy for an A and actually also became a tutor for a few semesters. Retook 101 got a B. Other sciences which are just the prerequisites for most programs were A's (chem 102, bio 1&2, micro, med term, pharm,) and a B in physio & ochem 1 I enrol
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