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  1. Thank you! I am assuming that the clinical rotation would be important to do well in also. Do you have any recommendations on how to prepare for applying for a residency?
  2. I am currently in my didactic year and I am considering doing an EM residency after school. I really do like EM and I think a residency would help me hone in on my skills. For my EM module, it has been one of the hardest classes all semester for everyone. I might end up with a B+ in this class. My overall GPA is very competitive and I have received all As so far this trimester. How would this look to an admissions committee when applying to residency?
  3. For people who are receiving interviews when was your application confirmed?
  4. I took physiology at community college and my professor was AWFUL. I feel as if I didn't learn anything all semester yet I was still able to get an A in the class. Her lectures were pointless and would instead lecture us on her irrelevant life stories. I feel as if this is going to be a disadvantage for me when I start school in January. I know everyone says to not study before school but I feel as if I should so that I can makeup for my lack of learning in this class. What books would you recommend?
  5. For the email that was sent out with the ten digit ID, do we need to do anything for that email? Like sign up for the account? In the confirmation email after I submitted my supplemental, it made it seem like my application was ready for review by the committee.
  6. I only have about 1500 hours of PCE. I know the website says that they require 3000 hours. Should I even bother applying?
  7. I am looking for a new job and I am wondering if it matters what speciality your job is. For example, is it better to be a medical assistant in an urgent care or family practice because you see a range of patient complaints? Or does it only really matter if you are making patient contact? I was offered a position in a fertility clinic as a medical assistant/phlebotomist but I am wondering if schools will look down on it since it is such a narrow specialty. I will have a lot of patient contact and blood draws but I don't know if I should look for a position in a wider speciality.
  8. Once it says processed by EDS, does that mean my application is completely processed and done and ready to be viewed by the admissions people?
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