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  1. I haven't heard anything yet, hopefully right after the holidays we'll hear something.
  2. Got the acceptance call yesterday around 1:30!! I forgot to post here because I was pretty worthless for the rest of the day due to shock kicking in. Really enjoyable experience, I thought the MMI format was great and the whole day was a lot more relaxed than I thought it would be. Good luck to everyone still in the running and to those that got the call, I look forward to meeting you all!
  3. I received an interview invitation yesterday for October 7th as well! Submitted 6/21
  4. CASPA submitted on 6/15, "Thank you for applying" email on 6/22, login credentials 6/27, interview invite 8/21. It's been a looong wait and this is the first program I have heard back from. I applied to 5 schools total, all in Texas. Hope that helps!
  5. Just got my interview invite this morning for Sep 16th! Congrats to everyone else, I look forward to meeting you and good luck to everyone!
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