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  1. It’s definitely difficult to commute from NJ, I did it for about a month and then moved to Manhattan... so for didactic year I would say it’s possible (but very difficult), for clinical year it’s impossible if you’re only using public transportation (most surgery rotations require you be there at 5 or 5:30am, in whatever borough the hospital is in) since I’m pretty sure there aren’t any trains earlier than like 4:30 leaving jersey this wouldn’t get you there in time.
  2. Cornell usually takes at least 1 person who did their undergrad there
  3. Most students don’t live in student housing. The housing provided as of now is on Roosevelt island and costs about 1400-1600/mo. Most students find an apartment in the upper east side of manhattan or midtown east (which is closer to the program) for 1100-1400/mo per person (usually sharing with one or two other people). Some people commute from Queens and Brooklyn. You can allot how much a month you pay for rent into your loan money if you opt to take out loans.
  4. Hold tight on the fb group! Our class president will make a page for you guys sometime during the winter.
  5. Hey all, if you’re interested, follow us on insta at weillcornellpa :)
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