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  1. Hey, I submitted in June! Still waiting to hear back from them ?
  2. No worries, I submitted around the same time and haven't heard. I'm trying not to fret about it. You never know what could happen! There could have been folks who applied way before us also and received an interview. My GRE scores aren't as high as everyone else's (300 cumulative), so maybe that could be hindering my app? Not sure.
  3. Hi Pippin281! You were right, I accidentally made the mistake and put the wrong semester! I put 2018 instead of 2019. Thank goodness.
  4. Hey guys, So around early June I submitted my application, and July 16 on the application status states that it has been Denied/Withdrawn? I'm not sure what this means, I'm kind've shocked that this is the case. I thought they looked at applications after the deadline? Has that happened to you? Do you believe it's a glitch? I'm feeling pretty down right now, as it was my top school. =/
  5. Hi all, I am in a bit of a predicament here. My GRE score isn't all that high, and my GPA is pretty average. I'm more worried about my GRE score hurting me more than anything else. I've already taken the GRE once and improved by one point..It's been hectic with work and just trying to keep up with applications too, I just kind've neglected my GRE. I am applying to schools that require a GRE (because they are closer to home). Just not sure how much it will effect me.. My stats are cGPA: 3.71 cScience GPA: 3.61 GRE: 300 Verbal 152 Quant - 148 Still waiting on writing. Patient Hours - 2500 Volunteer Hours - 250
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