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  1. I was just pulled from the waitlist today, but will not be accepting the seat due to it being so last minute and having already made arrangements at another school. I hope this spot will open up for one of you!
  2. Join our Facebook group it's called FranU PA Class of 2020. There are a few current students and I'm sure they will answer any questions you might have. Also, on the other thread a current student posted a few apartment complexes she recommended. I'm looking for an apartment complex as well, and I'm personally trying to get one as close to the school as possible!
  3. I know they can't tell you where you are on the alternate list, but they might be able to tell you how many people are on it. I would call and ask! I don't think being out of state will lower your chances if you made the alternate list. There has already been a few people on this forum who have given up their seats so you still have a really good chance of being accepted!
  4. If any current students or anyone familiar with the BR area have any recommendations for apartment complexes please let me know! Also let me know if anyone is in search of a roommate! :)
  5. I just found out I was accepted. There is an attached document in the email! I hope you all get good news! I am beyond excited! :)
  6. In case anyone was wondering, I was told today was the last day of interviews.. which means we should be hearing something very soon! Hoping we all get good news!!
  7. I received an interview invite for November 10th. Very excited! Good luck to everyone! :)
  8. And something else to consider is how many other schools have actually started accepting students. I don't think any in Louisiana have except LSU NO. It is possible that when other schools start accepting people may move around. I'm also an alternate so I feel your pain! Just hoping for the best! :)
  9. I have an interview here on Oct 30th! Congrats to those with interviews and good luck!!
  10. Thanks for that! I was trying to get an idea of when we might hear something. Hope this next month goes by fast!!
  11. It may be too soon to know this but does anyone know if they decided to add some interview dates in the month of October?
  12. I'm not sure. I read on a post from last year that they wouldn't tell us. I wish they would :/ definitely would give a few of us some hope! There's still a chance for those of us waitlisted though. At my interview they said there were several students in their class that were initially waitlisted.
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