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  1. Will be giving up my interview spot for 10/2. Good luck to all!!
  2. Will be declining my interview on 10/2 so be on the look out [; Good luck!
  3. I'm flying in, but if you happen to stay at the Quality Suites I wouldn't mind a ride to the interview in the morning [: (Down to grab dinner the night before also!)
  4. I received the 3 paragraph e-mail from the school on 7/12 and have not received anything since, including the supplemental app.. should I reach out to the school?
  5. Got the interview invite in Oct this AM via phone call! I am super excited!! (Submitted June 30 verified mid July on CASPA)
  6. Mailed mine out yesterday! Have you guys received a confirmation email from the school that they received it?
  7. Has anyone in Houston ever tried to bus to FW? Or would anyone from Houston interviewing 9/16 would like to carpool on 9/15? I'll chip in for gas ?
  8. Have you guys received any sort of confirmation e-mail after sending in the form to RSVP for the interview?
  9. Interviewing 9/21!! How are you guys planning on getting there? Do you think car rental will be necessary?
  10. Just got the passing initial review e-mail today.. app submitted on CASPA early July
  11. Hello, for those who have been accepted and have attended, how are you liking the program? I'm not able to find much information on this program online. The only thing I know about it is that it's accredited. It'll be super helpful if some of you can share your impressions on the program? Thanks!!
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