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  1. Me too for Miami campus. I applied in late June and received confirmation in late August. I heard from other schools but nothing else from this one. I am pretty much tossing this as a no.
  2. Congrats on getting interviews. Did you guys receive a call or email or both regarding interview invites.
  3. Have any one who submitted in late June/early july heard anything back for interviews.
  4. Does anyone who has received an interview offer or acceptance mind sharing their stats? I am curious to know what Barry is looking for.
  5. Barry does take a while to send out confirmation emails plus most colleges/universities in South Florida is closed since last week Thursday due to hurricane irma. I am not sure when Barry is set to re-open but I am sure it will be soon.
  6. I also have not received a confirmation that my application has been received as yet and I was verified around the same time as you. Hopefully we will hear something soon.
  7. Have anyone received an interview with a GRE scores below the 40th percentile? I am debating whether to retake the GRE.
  8. For those who have received interviews, when were you verified and what are your stats if you guys dont mind sharing?
  9. I was verified in late June and I have not heard anything as yet.
  10. I am guessing then they have not made it to end of June applications as yet. *sighs*. The waiting is unbearable.
  11. Has anyone applied late June to the miami and has received a notification from Barry that their application is under review? I was applied June 21st and I have yet to hear back.
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