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  1. As a new grad in urgent care I can say it's not to bad. I however have a doc with me that I can bounce questions off of. I recommend hippo urgent care bootcamp and their podcast as well. I use something from it every day. Get an up-to-date subscription if you don't have it already and be prepared to see 90% coughs and colds.
  2. I got my per diem gig through an alumni posting in a group in Facebook. It's just 8-3 sat and sun for 100 an hour. It's a sweet gig but getting it was all luck.
  3. But if you know this then why post. Your situation isn't that unique. Your going to get the same canned responses from the same 5 people and then 5 other people arguing with those first five.
  4. You already know what people are going to tell you if you've spent any amount of time on here.
  5. Fair enough. I feel like I got the hang of all of y'all's greatest hits so if you ever want a vacation I got you covered.
  6. Don't you guys ever get tired of writing the same thing on every topic? I swear I've seen this conversation 10x in the last month.
  7. My organic chemistry teacher from undergrad just send me a FB message saying that he just decided to give up being a professor at a decent university to become a realtor. If you ask anyone tenured professor is better than real estate agent. But it wasn't better for him. The point of that being that there is no job in the world where there isn't a small chance that you might end up not liking your job. People can only tell you what was right for them. All they know about you is the one paragraph you wrote on a site. Only you know what is best for you. People mean well, but don't make a decision just because of some people on the internet.
  8. Consider going rural! My school offered to set us up for family medicine and electives. You'll get a lot of exposure and learn a lot. One person in my class did it and said he learned a ton and higjly recommended it. But go into clincal year with an open mind. Half my class went in dead set on a certain specialty only to change. I wouldn't worry to much about it right now.
  9. This must be that Holy Trinity I've been hearing so much about in church
  10. Sinking ship is an exaggeration. More like a ship in storm (since we're talking about analogies.) Consider doing a residency or fellowship to set yourself apart. One of my upperclassmen did it and one month from finishing she had more job offers than she knew what to do with.
  11. Does this guy think hospitals and private practices are walking around handing out 6 figure salaries willy-nilly? That may not be as much as the docs but come on man, that's a lot of money just to give someone to humor them. If there was no need for you they wouldn't give you any money.
  12. I think a lot of it comes down to the calling vs job thread that was posted recently. There are definitely a lot of people who want to go to PA school for the wrong reasons, just like anything else. If you are passionate about medicine and see it as a calling and want respect and money, then it would be a mistake and med school would be a better fit. If you just like medicine and was a nice job with a decent salary and don't mind always being second then you're more likely to find satisfaction. Some peoples desire to change when they get in and realize that they do love medicine and want to be top dog and that's fine. That doesn't mean it was a mistake, people just evolve. For everyone one of those, there's a resident who realizes that it's not for them and goes to "the dropout club" website to find something else to do. There's no one size fits all career. 5/6 of my preceptors have been MD's and told me if they could do it over again they wouldn't do it. Maybe its grass is greener, maybe its burnout, maybe they're just crazy (my surgery preceptor definitely was!) There's a tendency to look at the greenest grass of both sides but we forget, (unless reminded on this forum) about the dark parts, and as PA's we're more familiar with the dark parts of ours. On my ob/gyn rotation last march, there was a fourth-year student from the local DO school who came in one morning in tears because he didn't match into EM, and in fact didn't match at all, Despite what I'm told were decent board scores. He was given the next weak off to try and "soap" into something else but with no luck. This kid was now 400k in debt (including undergrad) paying 7% interest and now had to wait a year while he watched his friends match and move on. This obviously doesn't happen to everyone but it's a dark side that I think we can sometimes forget. At the end of the day do what you feel is right. But whatever you do, do not let a post on the internet sway you into changing life-altering decisions. My grandpa used to tell me, "People spend their whole lives wondering if they made the right choice, rather than put in the effort to make their choice the right one." Food for thought. Also if there was a petition for this particular discussion to not come up every couple of hours I would spend a whole day making multiple accounts and having them sign it.
  13. Hey all, I'm a current PA-S2 at Keiser. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
  14. I'm gonna agree with EMEDPA about the unmatched IMG. The assistant physician point he talked about was far too random a reason for me. I really doubt many docs even know that's a thing.
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