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  1. @jsmiddy I went ahead and created an FB group - Mount St. Joseph PA Program 2020
  2. @jsmiddy agreed! Do you know if they'll send us a list of other people accepted?
  3. Just found out I was accepted! So excited!
  4. I was waitlisted as well. I emailed Ms. Chambliss asking if she could tell me where I am on the waitlist and she said she didn't have any information to share about my ranking at this time. Hoping we hear more info soon! I also wonder how long those accepted have to decide.
  5. @RollinDownDixie I haven't heard anything yet. I can't remember how long they said it would be before we hear anything?
  6. @jsmiddy congrats! I interviewed August 31st and haven't heard back yet, but they said it might not be until October that we hear something. When in August did you interview?
  7. Hey guys! I thought I would start a thread for this program. Has anyone applied, been accepted, or know of how many seats currently available?
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