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  1. That happened to me too - I interviewed 11/16 and got the same email 4 days later. After the next group of interviews was completed on 12/7, I got an email a week after that with my acceptance. So don’t lost hope! I would say it’s not a bad thing because you’re still in the running for a spot in the program
  2. I don't think that .01 would make a big difference!
  3. My stats are honestly very average compared to many of the applicants that have posted their stats all around this website. General run down: I am from Troy, MI, my GPA is 3.5, GRE 306 and 5.0 in writing, and I have about 2700 hours of PCE as a CNA at a skilled nursing facility. I am a first time applicant and had very low hopes of getting into any programs because of my GPA and lack of hours, compared to many of the applicants. Interviews are your opportunities to shine and show your true self, aside from the personal statement. I feel like each program is a wildcard and you never know which type of applicants they are looking for. Don't lose hope. I was honestly in a slump and doubted myself for the past few months. It only takes ONE to give you the opportunity to become the PA that you want to be.
  4. I interviewed on 11/16 (yes 4 weeks ago lol) and got a response 11/20 saying that they were holding my application and roling it into the next group of interviewees. And I finally got a response today with a conditional offer of acceptance!!! From my understanding, I just have to complete a background check and send in any necessary transcripts. But yayay!!! Class of 2021
  5. I just got an interview invite today for November 16th! I got the email that stated I met the prerequisites and requirements on October 9th ?
  6. Also just got my "you meet our requirements" email. I submitted my application late June!
  7. Got a further consideration email today after ~12 weeks! Application complete & under review: 6/29
  8. Got placed on the wait list for interviews ? verified 6/29 and got the response yesterday (7/18)
  9. The “received” email should have included a link to pay the supplemental fee ($35). After paying the fee, you get an email saying your file is complete. I got mine an hour after paying!
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