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  1. Interview is straight forward, won't go into specifics since that would give others an advantage. I'm not trying to come across as mean, but if specific information related to interviews is shared, then those that went first are at a disadvantage. Those with an interview later are then able to prepare and do better then those who went first. It truly is a straight forward interview, the students currently in the class will tell you the same thing.
  2. @Fizzassist/@han2018 I have a 3.8 in BCP’s and a 3.6 cumulative. If this is your first time, they practically told me that a lot of people do not get in on their first try and have much higher chances the second round. Overall I loved the school. I even went and visited the St. George location this spring. It’s super competitive and I honestly was surprised to get the interview last year, but fell in love with the school. The interview was awesome and would be a breeze for anyone that knows the healthcare profession. Let me know how it goes!
  3. Got my 2018 re-application verified/submitted 2 days ago. Was on waitlist last year at a very close position. Good luck to everyone! Really looking forward to another interview again this year, Utah is on my top schools.
  4. Just applied today. I hear that the interviewing process does not start until the end of the year and that a lot of people got accepted in the spring. Also they say they strive to accept 50% residents then the rest being non-residents. Good luck to all!
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