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  1. Thanks to you both. I have a letter of acceptance in hand. @donricardo I will look up the applications suggested? Is this application period over? Do you have an estimate of the length of time it took for them to get back for you in general? Thanks
  2. @donricardo , @HMtoPA, @LT_Oneal_PAC and all. I have this same question for a different branch - Ariforce and Army. Does the same rule apply with previous master's degree not helping you commission as an O3? Also could it be a case where the previous master's degree is not much needed in the military branch? I have a degree in public health can I see that there are Public health Officers position and I will also be starting PA school in the fall this year. My other question is, is it best to join the military as I start my PA school or it doesn't make any difference if I decide to join 1 year into the program. I have read that joining when one is about 6 months to graduation can prevent on from commissioning right after school and may require one to get civilian PA experience for up to 6 months to 1 year? How true is this?
  3. Yes but I am attending another program at this time. I'm pretty settled on that now.
  4. @hlpac Can you let us know specifically when it was offered and when you declined if you don't mind?
  5. @bfluke1816 It sounds like you have been contacted to set up a webadvisor account. Can you explain what that is? To answer your question, I have not been contacted to set up anything. Thanks!
  6. @HarryPA The interview experience was great. Your overall experience might vary but It was a good place to be. Are you thinking of applying or what? I understand that was the last round of interviews
  7. @Amina @Raigen Whatz new with you guyz? Hope you made it through PA school already?
  8. Hey where is the interview location. Did you get any email correspondence about that?
  9. When is the last round of interviews? Mot gotten an interview yet
  10. In case anyone still checks this forum, I'm curious to know how much in loans you accrued for the completing the PA program upon graduation. Thanks
  11. In case anyone still checks this forum, I'm curious to know how much in loans you accrued for the completing thePA program upon graduation. Thanks
  12. @bfluke1816 Thanks! I got mine this afternoon as well.
  13. @bfluke1816 @Kmo0407 was it just a letter or an enrollment package. I'm assuming an enrollment package will come after seats have been accepted by selected candidates. Is that the process?
  14. @jmtam I am very happy for you! Make sure you ace it. Be yourself and I'm sure you gonna do great!.
  15. @jclemmon.jc @mooreba92 I was called around noon on Friday
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