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  1. If you look at the last few forum posts they had interviews all the way until february.
  2. I submitted beginning of august. Recieved meet requirement email on 10/24 but no updates as of yet.
  3. Last I heard was the "you meet our requirements" email on 10/24.
  4. Yes I did a few days ago but I haven't received a reply yet.
  5. I sent my GRE to EMU (1201) Physician Assistant dept (0634). I received an email saying my application meets the minimum requirements. I didn't send it to 3646. Do you think they still received my score?
  6. Someone from admissions contacted me last week and asked me if I had taken the GRE yet. I wonder if that is a good sign. I did end up just receiving my official scores and updating my CASPA yesterday.

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