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  1. Interviewed here but because all seats were full, I was offered a seat at the Worcester campus! Had to turn down this offer as I accepted a position at another program. Best of luck to you all, I know someone amazing will fill my spot!! :)
  2. Just turned down my seat here for another program, hopefully someone wonderful fills my spot at this amazing program! ?
  3. Nope, patiently waiting/hoping! The program starts in 2 months though so hopefully those committed to other programs will open some spots for us :)!
  4. Does anyone know if they can tell us where we’re at/what number on waitlist?
  5. I actually think they have 2 lists. Those on the accepted pending open seat list get called before those on the waitlist. It makes sense since so many people were placed on both, regardless I would take it as a good sign
  6. Congratulations!! Were you on the waitlist?
  7. Is there anyone else from the July interview still waiting to hear back?
  8. Interviewed 11/30 and received an email today stating that I was placed on the alternate list! Good luck to those still waiting to hear back :)
  9. Does anyone know how many spots they have left to fill in the class?
  10. I noticed that there are 31 members apart of the fb group for the class of 2020, so maybe that means there are 9 spots left? (Just speculation though)
  11. Just noticed on the portal that I am waitlisted for an interview. Does anyone know how many people have been accepted thus far or how many more interviews there are? Congratulations to everyone that has been accepted!
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