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  1. Hey! I graduated from UGA and am in PA school now. I don't know any specific individuals, but there is a UGA Pre-Physician Assistant Association facebook group. I still get notifications and I see a lot of posts from current PA-C's who accept undergrad students for shadowing. Perhaps you could check there for rotation options.. Also St. Mary's hospital and Athens regional both take a lot of undergrad volunteers so they may be inclined to help a grad student as well. Good luck and go dawgs!
  2. I couldn't find one, so I just made a FB group. If you search for "Arcadia University PA Class of 2020" you should be able to find it. Otherwise, message me your email and I can add you that way!
  3. Accepted to the Delaware campus from the 8/22 interview! SO excited to meet everyone- I'm from GA!
  4. Interviewed August 15th and was just offered a seat!!
  5. I was worried about this too. From what I've seen most PA programs only have a lecture classroom and a few exam rooms, similar to the Delaware campus, because the class sizes are so small. Therefore, the "campus" being an office building did not bother me. I believe they said the building closes around 5pm, but there is a 24/7 library near by that many students utilize.
  6. My understanding is that South university's owner company has been placed on probation due to financial issues. Because south university is included within the company's ownership, they have also been flagged as being on probation despite never experiencing financial issues themselves. The status will be reviewed again as of December 2017. I have heard that south may be purchased by a different organization that will qualify them as not-for-profit school, and is likely to make south university's probation status go away.
  7. Interviewed August 11th and was just accepted!!!
  8. Has anyone who already interviewed heard anything back yet?
  9. Received the call today for an interview at the DE campus. Flying in from GA, can't wait to meet y'all!
  10. submitted/verified 6/6 and received the "downloaded" email today. good luck to everyone!
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