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  1. When it says "Bring a device to sign your transcript evaluation via Adobe E-sign during your transcript review" did y'all just use your phone?
  2. Do y'all think it's too late for me to apply? I thought I had given up on being a PA and geared myself towards nursing, but I feel like I should apply one more time. Last year I interviewed with UTMB and got waitlisted. Not getting in and the idea of having to wait an entire year really took a toll on my mental health which is why I started applying to nursing schools. Turns out a lot of them didn't like the pre reqs I had and didn't count some of them, so getting in has been harder than I thought. I recently realized that I should apply to PA school again. I know it is much better to ap
  3. To those of you who have been accepted or offered a spot, what was the deadline they gave you to confirm your seat? Trying to figure out when us people on the waitlist will start hearing something
  4. Unfortunately UTMB doesn’t disclose anything about what number we are. I heard Baylor gives you a range (1-10, 11-20), I wish UTMB would do that at least.
  5. Does anyone know what number on the waitlist they got to last year?
  6. Just got the waitlist email as well! Also interviewed on Oct. 29th
  7. Last year I submitted my application in July, didn't get any communication until January 8th, which was a rejection email. I'm pretty sure their last round of interviews will be 11/19
  8. I think that 11/29 will probably be their last round of interviews. Just a guess though
  9. Hi @Mantonio85, UTRGV also has a separate application through their website. Here is the link! It is completely separate from CASPA. I was verified on 6/8 and just learned of this separate supplemental ? because I did not get any sort of correspondence from the program about them even receiving my CASPA. My fault for not checking their website thoroughly, but still very frustrating. Hoping this won't affect me too much! There are no additional essays on the supplemental (this is normal for most of the schools in Texas). It's mainly a residency questionnaire and $50 fee.
  10. Submitted 6/5 and verified 6/8. I set up my eRaider account and activated my domain account, but I haven't heard anything saying my app is complete. Are we supposed to be able to view this in our account? I can't really figure out this system and want to make sure I'm not missing anything. Also do we have to apply to their school additionally? I remember seeing something about applying to Merlin??
  11. Submitted 6/5, verified 6/8. Also waiting to hear a confirmation email or something. Have either of y'all called their program to make sure your app is complete? I've never applied to this program, so I know know when/if they send a confirmation email of some sort.
  12. So I have wanted to do something in the health care system for a long time now and I have narrowed it down to nursing or PA. I am currently a senior about to graduate and have all the pre-reqs and experience for both professions (shadowing, patient contact hours, etc.). I am trying to find more information about taking time off as a PA to raise kids. When I start a family, my plan is to stay at home for about 10 or so years and raise my kids. I know that to maintain a PA certification, PAs must complete 100 CMEs every two years. But what happens if they decide to take off 10 years? Do th
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