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  1. To clarify, you can work in the Netherlands with a US PA degree if you speak dutch. That information is directly from a dutch PA program. Also you can work in the UK if you can get the employer to sponsor your work visa. There are a number of American PA's in the UK. It's just not as popular because healthcare professions do not pay as much there since it is a universal healthcare system.
  2. Does anyone know if class of 2019 has created the Facebook group for the class of 2020 yet? Or will that likely happen in January?
  3. I just gave up my spot at the Glenside campus to attend another program. I hope this gives someone else good news!! Arcadia is an excellent program. Good luck to everyone else still waiting to hear back from all your programs!
  4. I interviewed on the 15th in the morning and got a call for acceptance yesterday morning!
  5. I would email Corrinne. I had the same problem after interviewing in August and my letter ended up being lost in the mail, so they let me know via email and I received my letter shortly after.
  6. Has anyone gotten any call/email about waitlist or rejection? Or only accepted people got calls?
  7. Has anyone not received a letter in the mail yet? We get one either way right?
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