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  1. @keepstriving Hi! Yes, it is perfectly normal to have these questions about a newer program, however, as a current student I can't say enough how great our program is. Our administrators have years of experience, so they know what they are doing and have made an excellent curriculum that flows very well. The faculty have all been wonderful and they spend extra time outside of class hours helping out students one-on-one or with groups (for example, our anatomy professor came in on weekends to help us out in the cadaver lab-- which is amazing!). I wouldn't worry about the accents, I only had difficulty understanding 1 professor but he had extra resources and the powerpoint slides were so great that you didn't have any hinderance on learning the information. Yes, lectures are all recorded. Being a part of the medical school, we don't "butt heads" with the medical students for rotation positions. We have plenty of opportunities for completing the rotations we are interested in! ? As I said earlier the professors and administration are amazing and I feel like everyone goes above and beyond to make sure that you understand the material and excel in the classes. Also, the class itself is very supportive of each other and we all make sure that no person is left behind. We all stick together and everyone is doing great because of all the support that we have available to us. All that being said, yes, I definitely think the program is preparing us for the PANCE (our first graduating class had a 100% pass rate). I have learned more than I have in my entire life, and I am loving life here at Temple's PA program! Goodluck! ?
  2. Hi, this was for last year's admissions cycle! So I applied May 2017, interviewed 12/4/17 and then was accepted in March 2018.
  3. I was also accepted from the continuing candidate list on 3/13! I interviewed on December 4th. So thrilled, and cannot wait to meet everyone! :)
  4. @bhigg I heard back from Dec 4 interview and yes you get an email if you are waitlisted or accepted. I am not sure if you get one if you are declined?
  5. Got put on the "continuing candidate" list from the Dec 4th interview! Does anyone know if there is much movement on the list?
  6. For those of you who have interviewed already- how was the style of the questions? Was it more relaxed and conversational or was it more of a typical interview? Also, what all do the simulation center activities entail?
  7. Got an interview for December 4th! :)
  8. I also got an interview invite! I’ll be coming November 10th! Super excited :)
  9. Good luck this application cycle! Put your updates here!
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