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  1. For those that have interviewed already, what was the structure of the interview day?
  2. I got that email yesterday too! I don't think it's necessarily a nice rejection letter because if I recall correctly, they are not rolling admissions and will still be conducting interviews January and February. So I think they just wanted to keep us updated on the process!
  3. Yeah I'm guessing we don't need to do anything unless they have something missing from our app, which it would say on the homepage I believe. I guess now that we've made an account, we wait...?
  4. It didn't let me at first either, so I clicked "Back to login page" and then I registered to make a new account. When I logged in, it had all my app info connected to it already!
  5. Hi! I just got an email to make a portal account. I'm guessing it's a good sign? The portal says my application is complete and is under review.
  6. Wow, thanks for calling and asking. This wait has been so nerve wracking. Hopefully, we hear soon then! Good luck!
  7. Not too sure about number invited for supplemental apps but at my interview 8/17, I’d say there was about 15 people!
  8. Has anyone heard word of acceptances , waitlists, or rejections? I interviewed 8/17 and have heard nothing. I know they said we wouldn’t hear back a month after the interview so I’m guessing it’s not looking good for me...
  9. When did you submit you app through CASPA? I submitted July 14th, and have not gotten a confirmation email. I'm thinking of maybe calling on Monday about it.
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