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  1. Thank you everyone for the information, your insight is helpful. I have an upcoming tour of the ED with the staff, but I will directly ask for a contract soon after from the firm. The hiring process is not very transparent to me, but it sounds like if this truly is a committed offer, then I should have a contract in no more than a few weeks?
  2. I recently interviewed and accepted a verbal job offer with a staffing firm for an EM job. I am a new graduate, so still have the process of obtaining licenses, credentialing, etc, ahead of me, and know that it will be at least a few months before I have a formal start date. During my last correspondence with the recruiter, I asked about obtaining a written contract and any contingencies about the offer that I should consider. He did not address my questions directly, but has told me they consider the position filled with my offer and thus won’t be considering other applicants. I know they a
  3. Received an email today for an acceptance from the September 8th interview!
  4. I haven't heard anything yet. Did anyone hear when the actual admissions committee would be meeting?
  5. Nothing from my end yet... During the interview day, I never heard any of the faculty say how long they would take to make admissions decisions (unless I missed it). I asked one of the current students how long they thought it would take for decisions to come out and was told no longer than 2 weeks, so take that for what it's worth I guess. Hopefully we hear something this week!
  6. I am actually curious about the same thing. I was considering applying to Campbell next year, but like the OP, wonder how much the faith-based mission is a factor in the program environment, curriculum, etc. Any former or current students out there have any insight? Thanks!
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