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  1. Our cohort has had about 5 or so people pulled off the waitlist. Granted, this number varies from year to year but do not lose hope! You will end up exactly where you need to be!
  2. The seat deposit is all you need to put down until August when fall tuition is due. Congrats on your acceptance!
  3. Last year ODU held their last interview on Tuesday November 21st. They don't release the interview dates to us, so that's really all I can offer. Stay hopeful though, you'll end up exactly where you need to be!
  4. Most of my cohort lives in either Grandview heights/OSU area (about 15 minutes west of ODU's campus) or the Easton area (about 10 minutes north of campus). As for roommates, that varies from person to person. Some people live alone because they function best that way, others live with students in our program & some live with old friends. Totally up to you & what you feel most comfortable with! Your "PALs" are typically assigned in the spring time & we will most likely be reaching out to you! As for the Facebook page, each cohort is responsible for creating their own class page. So feel free to get that up and running & post a link to it in this forum so others who have been accepted can join in! Congrats on your acceptance! ?
  5. My friends that are in their clinical year have felt they have gained great opportunities with their placement! Our clinical coordination team works very hard throughout the year to ensure we all have proper educational placements! Also our program has 4 elective rotations which is a cool aspect as some other programs have 3 or fewer! As for where you go to PA school, we all will sit for the same certifying exam and become PAs. With that being said, choose a program that will give you the best support! Your happiness & health during school should really be taken into account and can really make a difference during this stressful time!
  6. Hi everyone! I'm a current didactic student, so please feel free to ask any questions & I'll try my best to answer them! Hope the application process is treating you all well! ?
  7. Congrats! Good to hear they are pulling from the waitlist! Did they call you’re or just send an email? Again congrats, that’s awesome news!
  8. I am in the same boat! Honestly, the long wait is making me more and more nervous!
  9. I will be interviewing at the November 21st morning session, if anyone has any advice for the flow of the interview it would be greatly appreciated (:
  10. Just received my invite to interview December 14th!
  11. Has anyone heard anything since the accreditation status change?
  12. I refuse to lose faith until a definite no is sent, passion is one of the strongest forces in medicine and clearly we all are here because of it so stay positive. (:
  13. I'm the under review email it said invites would be sent out from August until October so I definitely would not give up hope yet!!
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