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  1. To everyone who already sent in their deposit checks, did the school cash them yet? Mine haven’t and they were received last week.
  2. This was is my second year applying. The first year I got zero interviews. This year I received 5. The first four schools waitlisted me. The fifth interview was MUSC and I was accepted. Since May I’ve been nervous about getting in and luckily I did. Keep building your application and stay hopeful!
  3. I gave my verbal acceptance during the phone call. An hour later she sent the offer letter which said I needed to send the deposit within two weeks.
  4. I interviewed on the 16th in the AM group and received a call on Wednesday. We established they’re not doing it alphabetically, and it seems they’re not doing it by interview date. Maybe it’s just random? Or by the some type of points system?
  5. I got my call around 1300 and received my offer letter around 1400. So, it seems they're calling people and then generating the offer letter. I'm not sure how long the process is, but getting in 60 phone calls and sending offer letters seems like a lot to do in one day. I hope they call you tomorrow!
  6. I just got my acceptance call! Good luck to everyone else! Also, It might be alphabetical since my last name starts with a D.
  7. Congrats on being accepted somewhere! Did you interview at MUSC?
  8. @pipergasaway Here’s what happened to me. They sent me an email last year saying they would like to invite me for an interview, but I didn’t have biochem completed. I also took my statistics class over ten years ago, so if I wanted to attend there after the interview process, I’d have to retake it so it was within 10 years. I finished biochem and retook stats and was invited to interview. They don’t really flex when it comes to having the correct prerequisites. Since anatomy lab is a prerequisite, they won’t be able to interview you. Just my opinion though, good luck!
  9. I'm interviewing on Nov 16th! What format do they use for interviews?
  10. @bensexton2 it's around 180 if I remember correctly.
  11. I received a letter today informing me I'm on the alternate list.
  12. @KRushin thanks for your answer about the waitlist. Do you happen to know how many people were pulled off the waitlist? Were there only five and you were the last one to be pulled?
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