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  1. I received my acceptance from the 9/20 interview last week! Excited to begin on this new journey!
  2. Earlier this week I received an interview for 9/20.
  3. Baylor is closed until noon today, so if anyone is trying to get in contact with the school and can't, then that is likely why. Hope everyone who was suppose to make it in today or yesterday, was able to safely come in!
  4. In years past, Baylor didn't send out interview invites until mid December. So, it looks like we all still have some waiting to do.
  5. Ditto! I received the under review email today as well. Here are some of my dates: CASPA submitted: 6/20 Verified: 6/23 UTMB supplemental submitted: 6/23 MyStar Access: 6/27
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