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  1. Nothing that led to anything definite unfortunately. I reached out to hospital systems around Austin, San Antonio, and Houston but all of them said they only took students from schools that they already had affiliation agreements with. Maybe check in with the Central Texas PA Society on FB. They posted a few months back about setting up a database of preceptors in Central Texas willing to take on students but they haven't mentioned anything about it since. I was able to get a rotation in Houston at MD Anderson but I believe any PA student can as long as long they accept your application. Best
  2. Hey! I'm a PA-S1 studying in Indianapolis at Butler University but I'm born and raised from Austin, Texas and would love to do a rotation back home (or at the very least in Texas). I'm looking for any and all preceptors that would have me for a rotation. I'm open to any specialty as long as I can make connections. Unfortunately, my program doesn't have any rotations available in Austin but we do have a clinical experience coordinator who can take of the agreements between the program and the preceptor. If you know anyone who possibly has a lead I would greatly appreciate the help!
  3. Here's the link for the Class of 2021 FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/893186087739306/ Erin said she'll be sending out a group email in the next couple weeks so be on the lookout for that.
  4. No email since the acceptance but they did send some information in the mail. On an unrelated note, I contacted Erin to see if there would be a FB group made but as of yet, it hasn't been. I'm hoping to get it going but I need at least one other person to start it up. Anyone who wants to join can pm your email and I'll invite you.
  5. I was also accepted!! I received a call last Thursday but wasn't able to pick it up at the time. I got an email on 11/1 to create my account then I got another email the day after stating my status had been updated. I'm beyond excited to meet everyone!
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