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  1. Anyone have any insight on the physical and background checks? Like when to expect those?
  2. @bfluke1816 @Kmo0407 when did you receive the official letter offer in the mail?
  3. How long did it take until you received the letter?
  4. Anyone willing to post stats so we can see what they are looking for?
  5. I just want to verify, you only submitted transcripts through caspa and not directly to MUSC correct?
  6. Congrats! When did you get the application forwarded for further review email?
  7. How long after you got the "under review" email until you got the call for the interview?
  8. Congrats to those accepted so far! Would you mind posting your stats?
  9. Do you know how the waitlist works? I was waitlisted as well.
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