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  1. Good luck to everyone! Maybe a 5th cycle is the charm.
  2. They didn't have off yesterday. Asked a 2nd year.
  3. I interviewed the 5th and am in the same boat. I know the feeling.
  4. I want to say yes because the previous interview dates had their acceptances, waitlists, and rejections sent on the Tuesday after, but that could change.
  5. Easier said than done when your patients no-show. Lol... it doesnt help i am 2 hours behind the east coast
  6. Anybody else annoyingly refreshing their phone every 5 seconds?
  7. I have an interview November 5th and will be coming in on Sunday, November 3rd. Would anyone like to grab dinner/beer/water/something Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday? When I interviewed at another school I went out and got some drinks with other interviewees the night before so that we could all calm our nerves and get to know eachother. It really helped to be calm when you already knew some of the interviewees on interview day and makes it a lot more personable if you were to have group interviews with people you already know. Just throwing that out there.
  8. In tge email it says student copies which is an unofficial copy. You only need a copy if you have any outstanding prerequisites that you didnt have on CASPA at the time of applications
  9. Nah i haven't gotten anything yet. I interviewed 9/27. For those asking, it was stated before but the interview is 2 20 minute interviews
  10. Just got my rejection email today. Hope everyone has better luck this cycle. Much love. Also, Albuquerque is a pretty cool city if you get the opportunity to move here for school.
  11. Hey everyone, I don't know if there is anyone coming in this Friday August 9th for an interview, but I do have space available in my partner and I's house for any attendees to stay. We live in Albuquerque about 15 minutes away from St. Francis and are on the mountain.
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