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  1. I haven’t either. Do you remember if they said an estimate of when we would find out?
  2. Oh cool thanks for letting us know!! Yes, I am in state!
  3. I look forward to meeting you guys next Friday! By the way, does anyone know if this class is filled?
  4. Hi! I also got invited for an interview on 4/12!
  5. Hi! I also received an invite to interview on 3/19. Does anyone know if this class is filled or almost filled and if there are any current students that are willing to answer some questions thanks so much!
  6. Hi! Congratulations to everyone excepted! I applied late to this program and Just wondering if this campus is still interviewing and if all seats are filled? Thanks!!
  7. Hey guys! I was just offered an interview today. Is the class filled and is there a good amount of people on the accepted pending open seat list?
  8. Congratulations!! Best of luck! Are they sending like mass emails or are they individually sent?
  9. Hey guys!! Has anyone gotten an interview invite from Bayshore?
  10. Hey! I applied in June and have not heard anything as well. I called about a month ago and was told my application was still under review. Hopefully we hear something soon
  11. Hi! I applied back in May and was verified then too. I have not heard anything back from MCPHS and checked the portal that my application was still under review. I was wondering if anyone else was in the same boat too? Thanks!
  12. I'm interviewing on the 16th as well! I'll be flying in from Virginia on the 15th. I'd be down to meet up beforehand!
  13. I got that too! Does that mean we’re in the recommended group or we might be? Lol
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