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  1. The thing is... both these articles are written by a nursing organization, so there will obviously be bias there. I saw a few articles written by PA-run associations that talk PAs up really well and say the average salary is well above what it actually is, so I would take these articles advertising NPs with a grain of salt. I really do not see the need for this unnecessary PR competition between PAs and NPs. Many SPs and docs in general that I have worked with say that they would rather have a PA over NP any day. Obviously there are a few that would rather have an NP, but at the end of the day a majority prefer PAs. In specialities the docs usually call the major shots anyway, so NPs aren't "running the show." In school I had a few NP preceptors, and they really had no idea what they were talking about. As a student I knew more than they did. They didn't know how to read the EKGs, interpret X-rays, or really know anything about the mechanism of drugs. The only thing they were really better in was bedside manner and patient interaction. This obviously is not the case with all NPs, but I've worked with a good amount and they were pretty dependent on the docs and PAs for help.
  2. makes sense.. as long as you are happy with your job thats all that matters.. regardless it's a good deal either way 115k isn't something to complain about
  3. honestly, i feel someone with your experience should be getting way more. i have friends with 10 years experience who are making 140k +. Some kids i precepted are starting at 115k. Don't know where you live but seems like you should be getting more with 16 years experience.
  4. pretty low in my opinion. Don't know where you live, but i would say anything less than 95,000 for starting new grad hospitalist is sub par.
  5. are you looking to take the full-time offer or part-time offer? are they offering collection bonuses? my friend was in a similar situation with similar experience and he was offered 160k plus collection bonuses. don't know what part of the country you're in but ortho pays big around here
  6. Hey guys, I know that this was probably discussed in the past, but I just wanted to get some new insight. Has anyone here gotten their MBA after becoming a PA-C? and if so, what are you working in now? Both administration and clinically as a PA? Hospital administration? or did you change it up and work in administration in a totally different field? Additionally was it difficult to balance working as a PA-C and getting the MBA? I know many of my colleagues and classmates that I graduated with in PA school who have or are currently working towards their MBA. Some of them are doing it online, while others are doing it part time while working. A lot of them work full-time as a PA and take on a few administrative hours for extra income, working as a senior PA, recruiting/hiring manager, APP supervisor, and even positions on the hospital board of trustees. A couple of them ventured out and have pretty prestigious positions in big pharma administration. The more PAs I meet, the more I notice that many PAs have their MBA as well. Honestly I'm pretty interested in clinical work and combining it with administrative work, so I am considering entering an online or part-time program in the near future. Any thoughts?
  7. Have a couple of friends that work for VEP and they love it. According to them, the list posted above is really just a formality and a way to save themselves during lawsuits. They said that they have good autonomy from what they're telling me. Just saying what they said though don't know if its actually true.
  8. Yea definitely talk to one of the other PAs. If they say no than they are definitely hiding something. Otherwise, sounds like a pretty good gig to me!
  9. ^^what?! his PA collected 350k? so that means the doc made over 1 mil in a year? Must be a big time psychiatrist in the area or there must not be many psychiatrists in the area... If that's really the case than i should have considered going into psych lol.
  10. agree with EMEDPA.. I practice in NY and many of my colleagues are making 120-130k right out of school. Cap at 141k is extremely low. Many of the older, more experienced guys i work with are making at least 175k.
  11. I had to wait 5 months before I got my license. Multiple problems with accreditation and my school authorization. Worked as a waiter in a restaurant, took advantage of being able to go out each night, and reviewed a few hours each day. Was a pretty good time for me not gonna lie.
  12. I mean that's if you actually live in LA. He's a new grad living 30-45 minutes from LA, so 135 k is pretty good. Lives in a 2 bedroom apartment for 1950/month. He's actually living the dream right now pumping out loan payments and buying an M4 all in his first year.
  13. Just met a friend of mine from California. His new grad offer in CT surgery was 135k in the LA area. 4/5/4/5 schedule, 10 hour days, no required call, optional call only for extra pay. full benefits, health insurance, 3000 cme, 3 weeks pto. Before he'll start making the 135k he needs 3 months training at 50/hr. 135k guaranteed for first 3 years, bumped to 150 k, and if he stays with the team he'll be making 175k after 10 years.
  14. So...Im guessing that the contract is still in the works? Honestly, from what you have said, its seems as though something fishy is going on and I wouldn't want to work for owners who "don't want to get lawyers involved." If you decide to accept the contract if they drop the clause, thats up to you. But don't get desperate and take the job as a last resort.
  15. i think 60 should be attainable, especially in the san fran area where COL is ridiculously high. A few of my colleagues work in NYC getting around 70/hr but has 7 years experience under their belt. CT surgery is a money maker for sure
  16. For comparison, I started in CT surgery as a new grad 3 years ago, salary was 100k but I was required to do 3 12s per week plus one weekend call per month. 3 weeks PTO, 2500 + 1 week for CME, good retirement and health insurance plan. The thing is, I was in Maryland where the COL is still high, but not as high as the SF area. With your contract, salary is good but 50+ hours with exempt status scares me a little. When you calculate your hourly, 40/hr is not acceptable CT surgery wages. You should be getting at least 60+/hr in my opinion.
  17. Thats why i feel like getting an MBA is favorable over getting an MHA, at least for me. Can help me get a health care administration position, but also keep my options open for other positions not in health care. Not saying I want to leave the health care field, but id like to keep options open just in case.
  18. Honestly this is like the 3rd article of this kind that I have seen and read over the past 6 months. All these big financial companies ranking this career so high and speaking so highly of us. Not that I don't agree or appreciate what they say, but lets wait until the "barriers" actually do come down.
  19. wow I didn't know Maryland has offers as good as yours, haha. I know certain areas in the northeast pay well, but didn't know Maryland was one of them. Was this a large teaching hospital or a smaller community? Near baltimore at all?
  20. Yea only downside is the lack of health insurance. Otherwise pretty solid offer. Don't know if you have a significant other who can cover your health insurance, then you wouldn't have to worry about that. Also how early is "mornings"? Wouldn't want to be there at 4am if the patient load is consistently heavy.
  21. This sounds like a great setup! What state are you in if you don't mind me asking?
  22. and who makes this determination? so let's say there are a few areas of the computer system where you aren't comfortable with yet, how much will your salary go down? hundreds? thousands? I just don't really like that statement. again, just do not like the wording of this. sounds like any work that the physician doesn't feel like doing on a certain day becomes your work. would appreciate a more specific job description. If this is so, is there extra compensation? Sounds like they are putting in this statement just to have extra backup when they need it. any word on how much this could possibly be? Soo.. this isn't a "bonus" merely CME allowance for the 2nd year... Overall salary is good but there are just statements in this contract that I don't really like the sound of. My initial contract had similar statements, but i was able to get a lawyer to look at it and make adjustments and everything sounded better. Even if the practice doesn't intend screw you over with ambiguous contract talk, it's better to clarify things in my opinion.
  23. It seems as though you had a good career and have made a good living, so you should be proud of what you have done as a PA. The circumstances at this point suggests that you have other obligations that you need to fulfill, but definitely be happy with what you have accomplished in this field. I always believe that family comes first, and with all the changes going on in your workplace it can be overwhelming/aggravating. Enjoy your time, and thank you for your service in this field!
  24. Pay and hours are nice. No PTO is disappointing though.
  25. I've never had a problem with it and I have 2 tattoos on my forearm. Where exactly do you intend on working? If you're planning on doing a specialty where you're going into work in business casual attire, shouldn't even be a problem as you'll be covered up. I work in surgery wearing scrubs and there's no policy against it.