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  1. I will work M-Th about 40 hours a week and rotate call every 4th week. M-Th mix of inpatient rounding, OR and post op visits in clinic to start.
  2. I’ve always heard to never accept the initial offer or I’d be leaving $$$ on the table. Offer of $125K for a general surgery position one hour outside Seattle. After reviewing the salary report this offer seems above average (especially for a new grad) and I’m not sure whether I should counter for higher salary or focus on other parts of the offer like CME, sign-on and relocation assistance. Any advice is welcomed.
  3. I am graduating in August and I recently accepted a position in Washington State. I was wondering if there was anything I could do prior to graduation/PANCE to speed up the state license process? Has anyone on this forum recently gone through the application process and know how long it is taking? The hospital that hired me said the process seems to be moving quicker than in the past so I am hopeful that I can get licensed and start in October. Any advice on the process or dealing with the WA DOH will be graciously accepted. Excited to move to the area and start practicing.
  4. I understand venting but this post is super immature. Did you bring this up to your program? What did they say when you told them you didn’t feel safe in the hospital? What alternatives did you propose? There are many students who wish they weren’t being forced to the sidelines right now who would have gladly taken your place. Thoughts?
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