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  1. Thank you!! I was in the morning session.
  2. I also received a call just now! So excited, this was my second time interviewing at Sacred Heart.
  3. Yes, I was waitlisted as well and asked them.
  4. neuroscribe

    Lipscomb 2018-2019 Applicants

    Same, I interviewed last year and was waitlisted. I was hoping to hear back from them as I really enjoyed the program when I interviewed.
  5. I'll be at the 11/11 interview in the AM!
  6. Just received an interview invite for 10/17!
  7. neuroscribe

    TENNESSEE: Lipscomb University 2017-2018

    I had the option of February 15th or March 5th. I chose the February date.
  8. neuroscribe

    TENNESSEE: Lipscomb University 2017-2018

    Thank you! And no I don't mind sharing, my GPA was 3.45, Science was 3.5. 2000+ hours experience as a scribe. I was a mission trip and hospice volunteer and have around 20 hours of shadowing. Hope that helps!
  9. neuroscribe

    TENNESSEE: Lipscomb University 2017-2018

    Just received an interview invite! I submitted my application on Monday so I am very excited to hear back so soon
  10. I called today and they said they are still having interviews up until next spring.
  11. I have not but I have thought about it, I hate this waiting knowing that calls have gone out already!
  12. Anyone know if there is going to be anymore interviews? I have yet to hear back.
  13. Anyone else here anything about interviews? Or were all calls already made?

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