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  1. Welcome to the class! https://www.facebook.com/groups/314844249179671/?ref=share
  2. Hi there, I spoke with Allison from the RVU program and she said that at the time of the initial ARC-PA visit they did not have the required number of rotations in certain areas to give all students the required rotations. This has since been alleviated and is no longer an issue, but is something they cannot formally address with ARC-PA until March 2019. Happy new year.
  3. Hi there Blair, Yeah from the look of things, it would appear that the next class (i.e us) will be fine from an accreditation standpoint. The next comprehensive in March of 2021 will be after we start so no matter what the future holds, once we start the program we'll finish it with a degree. The staff is on break until the 7th so any questions about that report will have to wait a week.
  4. Hi there, I plan to reach out come the new year. I too want to get an accurate picture of how much a loan I can expect to take along with the long term outlook for the program. Also for those admitted don't forget to sign your acceptance in addition to the seat deposit
  5. For reference, here is standard B3.07d (in bold) B3.07 Supervised clinical practice experiences should occur with preceptors practicing in the following disciplines: ANNOTATION: PA education requires a breadth of supervised clinical practice experiences to help students appreciate the differences in approach to patients taken by those with varying specialty education and experience. Supervised clinical practice experiences used for required rotations are expected to address the fundamental principles of the disciplines below as they relate to the clinical care of patients. Subspecialists
  6. Thanks for posting that information. I am inclined to wait until more information becomes available before jumping ship. I think new programs might often get news like this that can seem concerning from the outside. However, without knowing the standards by which they are evaluated it's hard to know how concerned to be. I don't take it lightly though, and will definitely inquire.
  7. Sorry for the confusion. Figured I'd post this under the school-specific thread. I'll link this page on the other page and then delete the other one.
  8. Has anyone made a group for those accepted? I know it's a while before school starts up but wanted to check Merry Christmas
  9. Congrats to everyone who received an invite so far! Still waiting but hopeful some good news will come down the pipeline
  10. Thanks @Piperpottamus.That is quite late yet it does ease my mind. With some other schools getting back to me with acceptances it just adds a little urgency. I really appreciate your input
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah I was curious if you had emailed the admissions contact person. I figure I'll do so just to see if there's any possibility for an interview or if I should just move on. I was holding out hope that no news was technically good news but it's getting late in the year so time to be more proactive.
  12. Hi there @PAtobe615 I'm in the same boat. Have you already emailed for a status update?
  13. Hi there! I recently turned down my acceptance at Chapman, but I can tell you that they require micro w/lab. I have taken biochem as well and I would also recommend taking medical terminology as I feel like more schools will add that on to their list of prerequisites in the future. I interviewed back in July and heard back in mid August. Best of luck
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