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  1. Thank you for answering and the feedback! I appreciate it.
  2. Hi! I take my psych and get surg EORs in a little over a week, and I have no idea what to expect. My program is different where we have 3 rotations then a call back week, and during the call back week you take the EORs for which ever core rotations you had that period. So I take both of them on the same day, which leaves no time to alter study methods if I go about it wrong. I mostly have been using smarty PANCE and rosh review questions, and will be reviewing with pearls this week. Any advice you have would be appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Totally! It is crazy for me too. I had over 4000 hours of HCE in a hospital and there are some people in my class that have never even had read patient contact before and just worked as a pharm tech or something like that. I cant imagine how they feel if I am even scared for clinical year haha EDIT: no real patient contact other than the hospital experiences we had through arcadia
  4. Schools with lower minimum requirements are actually doing that because they get more applications (and therefore fees --> $$$) than schools with higher minimum requirements. I can tell you now every single PA program has a specific "type" of student they like, and "average student profiles" are the way to figure out what that preferred student is. I did not rely on mimimum requirements when deciding which schools to apply to. I am a first year (second year next month) student in Arcadia's PA program and I can tell you that a lot of people in my program had high undergrad GPAs and low patient care hours. Everyone in my program is young, and we had a lot of people straight out of undergrad (which also makes for an immature class, so look at average age on those profiles too).
  5. They will accept and waitlist people at every interview. It's so they can see who else comes along, and if they like you more than the people from the most recent interview, they can just pull you off the waitlist and throw one of them on it. They go through A LOT of the waitlist though. I am actually pretty sure they blew through the whole waitlist and still didn't have a full class this year because I was pulled off the waitlist in April, but turned it down as I got into a different program. A few weeks after that they sent out another interview date for May of this year... so I wouldn't be too worried
  6. Decided not to take the offer for a spot in the program. I was accepted somewhere else back in September and decided it's too late in the game to switch! Good luck to who ever gets my spot and everyone else!!
  7. I just talked to admissions and they have pulled a couple people off of the alternate list. They said the text message sent out was to a handful of people that will be pulled off the list first. So if you got a text you're in the top handful of the alternate list.
  8. I didn't get this text either. I wonder what that means if you got it vs if you didn't
  9. I had that pop up when I asked them to update my address in their system. So it is probably just to confirm that the address is correct. I wouldn't make assumptions for what it actually means though. Could be nothing and could be that you were waitlisted. Mine was nothing cause I already gout my waitlist letter at that point.
  10. I received the notification that I was put on the alternate list via snail mail! No change was made to my portal. Hope that helps!
  11. Someone on this forum posted early to mid-January that they talked to admissions and they said 100 accepted and 202 on the alternate list. I don't know if those numbers took into account the interviews at the beginning of the month and it (obviously) didnt include the interview on the 30th. I don't know how many people drop their acceptance daily, but I'm assuming its not that many. I could be totally wrong though!
  12. They have accepted over 100 people and have over 200 waitlisted. This was before the most recent interview too so those numbers have likely increased since the Jan 30 interview
  13. Wow! As someone that is on the alternate list, those numbers are super discouraging! It's like they are waitlisting everyone that interviewed that wasn't accepted right away.
  14. Got a letter in the mail that I was put on the alternate list. Does anyone know if this is the same thing as a waitlist or if it's a step below the waitlist?
  15. Got the email that I am on the alternate list today. Does anyone know if this their version of a waitlist? I know a couple schools have administrative hold, which is different from the waitlist. So I'm curious if the alternate list is the waitlist or something different
  16. I interviewed on 11/9 and haven't seen anything pop up. I've been compulsively checking it haha. They told us that it would be towards the end of the week though since the accreditation people are visiting this week.
  17. At my first interviews FAQ session with first year students, they said to pay close attention to your communication with programs and the vibes you get from each program. Because if they are slow to respond, don't give you info you want, etc just imagine how they will be during clinical year and when you need help. That stuck with me and ultimately led to me turning down an interview. So I would take it more as an opportunity to attend a school that will see you as an individual and not just another number (not saying that UC Davis did that, just as an example!) Or maybe sends more personal emails back to you Anyway, good luck to you and your future endeavors!
  18. Just received a "post-interview" rejection email. They thanked me for my "enthusiastic participation." Weird part is that I never attended an interview. I wasn't even invited to one. They also sent it as "Dear first_name" hahah. Kind of embarrassing on their part. I have been accepted to three programs with more interviews to go, so I'm not too bummed about it. Especially seeing their recent PANCE pass rates... No excuse for that! Good luck to everyone interviewing though!
  19. The end of the first paragraph says they sent it to everyone that applied.
  20. I unfortunately had to cancel my interview for 10/27 this morning. I was offered another interview and can only afford to attend so many interviews. Hope this opens a spot for someone else! Good luck to you guys!!
  21. I think I was offered your interview spot! I was offered an interview this morning for November 3rd. I am sorry that you had to cancel, but am grateful for the opportunity to interview now!
  22. That's normal. Your eraider password expires every 90ish days. You just have to make a new one
  23. I got an invitation to interview too last night at like 215 am haha. I would like to know this too. Congratulations by the way!!
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