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  1. Just gave up my interview spot here! Good luck and God bless to those still waiting!
  2. Thank you so much! And yes! I definitely thought I was out of the running but it turns out they’re right! No news is not bad news! Good luck to you!
  3. cGPA: 3.39 sGPA: 3.24 GRE: 158V 153Q 4.5A Experience: 2 years scribe, 1 year algebra 1 teacher, 1.5 year volunteering, 1/2 year shadowing (1 year = 2,000 hours—all hours are continuing hours except teaching.) Submitted: 05/04/2017 CASPA Acknowledgement Letter: 05/25/2017 MyStar: 05/30/2017 Under Review: 07/25/2017 Interview Invitation: 08/22/2017 Interview: 09/11/2017 Acceptance: 10/13/2017 09:50 AM There are two traditional one-on-one interviews with no surprises. Also, the class of 2017 earned a 100% PANCE pass rate!
  4. Hey guys! Just gave up my spot to interview. It was scheduled for November 2nd! Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  5. Hi guys! Just gave up my spot for an interview. It was scheduled for October 30th! Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  6. I got accepted too!!!!!!!! Omg! I can’t believe it! I interviewed 09/25-26 and was accepted today 09/29 by phone call at 11:43 AM (Texas time, so 12:43 PM Florida time)!! I can’t wait to meet you guys! Congratulations everyone and a sincere good luck to everyone still waiting!! Praying for good news for you all soon!
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