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  1. No news yet. I called them this morning and they said we will hear back before Christmas.
  2. Yeah, I agree ^ I think we are just waiting for either an alternative or a rejection email. Has anyone received a call today? I keep checking my phone every min. It’s driving me crazy
  3. Haha this is so confusing. I guess we will find out soon. When I called this am, I indirectly asked if we will be notified via emails or phone calls and she said “probably an email”. So that made me think all the calls have been made. It’s a waiting game till next Wednesday
  4. Same^^ the waiting period is killing me. Congrats to those who have been accepted!! Has anyone received a call from Dr. Dehn yet?
  5. Congratulations!! When did you submit your app?
  6. I received an interview invite for Oct 14th as well! I will be coming from TX so if anyone would like to meet day before, lmk! I will be bored forsure, haha.
  7. Does anyone know if acceptance emails have gone out?
  8. Has anyone received a rejection email? Or do they send out in july-aug?
  9. @jenmarie congrats!! When did you submit your application?
  10. Hello!! I will be applying next Spring and I've started working on my essay! Please let me know if you would like to review it and I'll PM/email you. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
  11. @StevenBrule @whitecoatrosegold Thank you guys so much for the input. Appreciate it so much. Hope I can nail my GRE. It's really hard to find PCE here in Houston. They are just so uptight about certificate but I am definitely trying. Also, any idea on what classes could improve my GPA? Also @whitecoatrosegold Congrats and good luck this cycle!!! Hope you get in. Do you mind sharing your stats?
  12. Thank you for the feedback! Appreciate it ?
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