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  1. It would depend how aggressive a lymphoma it is. You would need to biopsy it and run molecular studies
  2. I just informed Renee that I will be releasing my seat. I hope someone from the waitlist receives very good news soon!
  3. Just received a phone call offering admission off the alternate list! May not be moving much, but at least it is moving.
  4. Received word that I am towards the top of the alternate list. Now hoping there is just a couple more to drop off! Vin'Keia was very nice in admissions if you call her.
  5. Received acceptance from the alternate list today. Interviewed 1/18
  6. Just received an email that I was placed on the alternate list after interviewing 1/18 in the morning
  7. It did not. I emailed Audra to find out, however I think they are still on winter break.
  8. Received an email today stating I was placed on the alternate list. Interviewed 10/19
  9. I received one last Friday (12/8). The only dates to choose from were 1/12 and 1/18
  10. I received an interview invite this morning for either 1/12 or 1/18. For those of you that have interviewed what time did you finish and what time did you fly out? Trying to decide which airlines to fly
  11. I also received the same email. I interviewed on 10/19
  12. Thank you very much for this information. With this honest approach to the admissions process I decided to submit my CASPA last Friday and am expecting the secondary in 1-3 business days. Have heard awesome things about the PSU program.
  13. I emailed them and they said the transcripts sent to CASPA and the ones uploaded to the grad app should be sufficient until you are accepted at which time they will need copies of the official transcripts sent to the school directly
  14. Interesting. I wonder if they are still reviewing my application then
  15. What about your applicant checklist changed? Nothing on my portal has changed yet