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  1. Im a current student. The Rush PA website should have the most accurate data for all the classes possibly besides the current first years. If you have further questions you can DM me.
  2. These are different statistics. If you scroll down a bit further it says 58% of graduates are white, 19% are asian, 5.7 are african american, and 4.6 are latino or mexican. Those are acceptance rates for each race and I'm sure whites are the highest number applying. While this isn't even representative of current physicians its safe to say that it is predominately a caucasian field
  3. Don't be discouraged if you were waitlisted. A good group of our class was accepted from the waitlist. I was in the first interview group and didn't receive acceptance until March.
  4. There are a couple people in our class that were scribes before starting so I would believe they do. Wouldn't hurt to call or email and check
  5. No rejection, but I did receive an email in January that I was still under consideration
  6. Apparently so. I was laughing because I was in class when I got the email. Little too late...
  7. I received an interview invite today for next Monday (5/14). I politely declined as I have already started another program. Hope someone else takes it and gets in!
  8. It would depend how aggressive a lymphoma it is. You would need to biopsy it and run molecular studies
  9. I just informed Renee that I will be releasing my seat. I hope someone from the waitlist receives very good news soon!
  10. Just received a phone call offering admission off the alternate list! May not be moving much, but at least it is moving.
  11. Received word that I am towards the top of the alternate list. Now hoping there is just a couple more to drop off! Vin'Keia was very nice in admissions if you call her.
  12. Received acceptance from the alternate list today. Interviewed 1/18
  13. Just received an email that I was placed on the alternate list after interviewing 1/18 in the morning
  14. It did not. I emailed Audra to find out, however I think they are still on winter break.
  15. Received an email today stating I was placed on the alternate list. Interviewed 10/19
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