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  1. grifft21

    Does Rush Accept Scribe hours?

    There are a couple people in our class that were scribes before starting so I would believe they do. Wouldn't hurt to call or email and check
  2. No rejection, but I did receive an email in January that I was still under consideration
  3. Apparently so. I was laughing because I was in class when I got the email. Little too late...
  4. I received an interview invite today for next Monday (5/14). I politely declined as I have already started another program. Hope someone else takes it and gets in!
  5. grifft21

    Lymphoma question

    It would depend how aggressive a lymphoma it is. You would need to biopsy it and run molecular studies
  6. I just informed Renee that I will be releasing my seat. I hope someone from the waitlist receives very good news soon!
  7. grifft21

    Application Cycle 2017-18

    Just received a phone call offering admission off the alternate list! May not be moving much, but at least it is moving.
  8. grifft21

    Application Cycle 2017-18

    Received word that I am towards the top of the alternate list. Now hoping there is just a couple more to drop off! Vin'Keia was very nice in admissions if you call her.
  9. Received acceptance from the alternate list today. Interviewed 1/18
  10. Just received an email that I was placed on the alternate list after interviewing 1/18 in the morning
  11. It did not. I emailed Audra to find out, however I think they are still on winter break.
  12. Received an email today stating I was placed on the alternate list. Interviewed 10/19
  13. I received one last Friday (12/8). The only dates to choose from were 1/12 and 1/18
  14. I received an interview invite this morning for either 1/12 or 1/18. For those of you that have interviewed what time did you finish and what time did you fly out? Trying to decide which airlines to fly
  15. I also received the same email. I interviewed on 10/19

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